Join Us In A Step-By-Step Course Designed So You Can Easily Create Your Own Website

Hello and Welcome,

Annie Oliveri here. I’m the creator of this practical step-by-step course. I’d like to show you how quick and easy it is to create your own website – saving you thousands of dollars in web designer fees.

annie-oliveri3In case we haven’t met before, I’d like to tell you a little about me. I’m a teacher with 30 years experience. I hold a Masters in Education. I love teaching and learning and I’ve discovered a thing or two that can help you become successful online. And put an end to a little frustration!

I’ve been teaching technology since way back in 1986. That’s before the Internet even started! I built my first website in 2004. I’ve created a whole lot of websites and helped a lot of small business owners do the same. You saw some of them in the video introduction. I’d like to help you create your own website too.

Why do it yourself?

If you’re serious about having an online business, you are going to need to develop a skill-set that you probably don’t already have. These are the skills of creating and managing a website. The best thing about developing these skills is that they will save you a lot of time, money and a lot of frustration.

I’d like to briefly share what’s included in our course.

D.I.Y. Website

D.I.Y. Website walks you through every step of creating a website in complete detail including

  • choosing a domain and hostingeasywalkthrus-darker-pink
  • installing WordPress (the most popular website software)
  • choosing your theme
  • choosing your colour scheme
  • designing your header
  • understanding the different page elements
  • adding your pages
  • how to link
  • how to moderate comments
  • adding images and video
  • customizing your layout
  • understanding widgets and plugins
  • adding your sidebars
  • customizing your menu
  • and more

You go step by step through short video walk-throughs with a comprehensive workbook, showing you the exact mouse clicks to make, using everyday language at a pace that’s easy to follow. I encourage you to take each step along with me by having my video playing and your website browser open you just follow along, pausing the videos to take your next action steps and replaying if necessary.
The course is broken into 30 steps with a total video instruction time of around 3 hours. If you are a complete novice to the Internet I believe you can get your own functional website online in 10 hours, probably less.
So you can see the pace of work, I’d like to share a video from our course.

Websites and themes mentioned in the video

Sunny Coast Web DesignBuilder Theme
Success In LearningThesis Theme
Happy Kids Festival
Thesis Theme
My Amazing Website (Members) – Optimize Press

I also share one of my own horror stories where I was green and I got totally ripped off! It really does pay off to have someone you can trust to help you out.

So now you can see the style and pace of the video walk-throughs, if you feel this style of learning is suitable for you, I encourage you to order your course now so you can start creating a brighter future for yourself. The best part is it will only take a weekend ( take as long as you like, you’ll get 12 months access) and I’ll be holding your hand every step of the way.

Go And Check Out More Details – D.I.Y. Website

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